U.S. Aerial Lift Market Overview

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CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro Track / Crawler Mounted Aerial Lift

CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro crawler lift
CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro
Lift Class TCM Track / Crawler Mounted
Working Height 62.0 ft
Side Reach 38.0 ft
Rotation 720°
Continuous Rotation No
Platform Capacity 485 lb
Platform Size 43 x 32 x 25 in
Jib Yes
Jib Length 0.0 ft
Jib Arc 90°
Jib Horz Arc
Stowed Travel Height 6.6 ft
Length 15.6 ft
Width 2.7 ft
Outrigger Footprint 11'6'' x 11'6'' ft
Ground Clearance 7.0 in
Ground Bearing Pressure 4.2 psi
Drive System Tracks 69'' x 10''
Drive Speed Lowered 1.5 mph
Power Source Kubota diesel or hybrid 120V 20A
Weight 6,500 lb

The 60HD+ Arbor Pro tracked lift is designed for the tree industry. The 60 foot lift is easy to operate, has extreme leveling capability of nearly 3 feet. Equipped with simple, all hydraulic toggle controls, this machine is easy to operate, featuring impressive fast and smooth boom speeds. It comes standard with a single-man fiberglass basket, which can be substituted for either a single-man or a two-man fixed aluminum basket. This narrow tracked aerial lift can pass through a 36" gate. This compact lift comes with simple hydraulic automatic outrigger leveling, as well as radio remote controls.

Chassis Features

  • Hydraulic motor track drive
  • Fully proportional track drive, with three speeds
  • Wireless remote control for driving the tracks
  • High quality rubber tracks
  • Ability to replace tracks while the machine is stabilized
  • Emergency hand pump
  • Engine protection with easy access for routine maintenance
  • Hydraulic tank sight gauge

  • 4 hydraulic stabilizers
  • Safety switches are in a protected postion
  • Double lock valves
  • Outrigger feet with anti-slip polymeric blend for security and insulation

Lift Features

  • High quality, high strength low alloy steel
  • 5 Step paint process: sand blasting, filling, two coats of primer, and two coats of paint
  • Nickel plated bushings and pins
  • Use of all safety and hydraulic components produced in Europe
  • Self-lubricating bushings and grease fittings on each hub
  • Tight tolerance on booms and pivot points
  • "Plug and play" cables and hoses
  • Safety switches are all waterproof and located in protected areas

Ground Controls
  • Outrigger up/down controls
  • Convenient bubble level
  • Control station for all boom functions with proportional control
  • Engine and electric motor or battery start/stop
  • LED display for operation state and error
  • Proportional hydraulic distributor with single or simultaneous drive
  • Lockable, fully proportional wired remote control for track drive
  • Ability to lift the Jib while driving the tracks

Aerial Controls
  • Basket control station with fully proportional electro-hydraulic controls
  • Basket leveling control when the boom is in the cradle
  • Engine and electric motor or battery start/stop
  • 12 volt plug

Optional Features

  • 120V 20A plug-in electric motor
  • 120A 20A electric outlet in basket
  • High pressure air/water outlet in basket
  • 12V Emergency let down system
  • Two-man fiberglass basket
  • Non-marking white rubber tracks
  • One special paint color
  • Two special paint colors
  • Track socks
  • Custom decal lettering

Safety Features

  • ANSI (TUV) and CSA certified
  • Meets & exceeds OSHA safety requirements
  • Emergency stop button in reach of operator at all times
  • Dual lock valves on all hydraulic cylinders
  • Chassis out of level safety system
  • Waterproof safety switches placed in well-protected positions
  • Redundant safety monitoring systems
  • Basket weight sensor & overload alarm: meets & exceeds new OSHA requirement
  • Easy to use self-diagnostic LED display
  • Automatic basket leveling

Last Review: 2018-12-27