U.S. Aerial Lift Market Overview

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CMC 60L Track / Crawler Mounted Aerial Lift

CMC 60L crawler lift
Lift Class TCM Track / Crawler Mounted
Working Height 61.4 ft
Side Reach 29.0 ft
Rotation 178°
Continuous Rotation No
Platform Capacity 440 lb
Platform Size 28 x 55 x 43 in
Jib Yes
Jib Length 0.0 ft
Jib Arc 90°
Jib Horz Arc
Stowed Travel Height 6.5 ft
Length 17.1 ft
Width 2.5 ft
Outrigger Footprint 10'7'' x 10'7'' ft
Drive System Tracks 57'' x 7''
Power Source Honda gasoline GX390, optional Kubota diesel
Weight 5,930 lb

This new 60L is the beginning of a new and advanced generation of narrow access lifts. It has the same capabilities of the 50L, but with 60 ft work reach. For new operators whom have never operated similar equipment before - it is intuitive, easy to run and understand, but yet has the speed and durability that professionals expect. This lift has limited outdoor self-leveling abilities (up to 10"/250mm), but works very well on level ground or indoor applications.

Chassis Features

  • Hydraulic motor track drive
  • Fully proportional track drive, with two speeds
  • Wired remote control for driving the tracks
  • High quality rubber tracks
  • Ability to replace tracks while the machine is stabilized
  • Emergency hand pump
  • Engine protection with easy access for routine maintenance
  • Hydraulic tank sight gauge

  • 4 hydraulic stabilizers
  • Safety switches are in a protected postion
  • Double lock valves
  • Outrigger feet with anti-slip polymeric blend for security and insulation

Lift Features

  • High quality, high strength low alloy steel
  • 5 Step paint process: sand blasting, filling, two coats of primer, and two coats of paint
  • Nickel plated bushings and pins
  • Use of all safety and hydraulic components produced in Europe
  • Self-lubricating bushings and grease fittings on each hub
  • Tight tolerance on booms and pivot points
  • "Plug and play" cables and hoses
  • Safety switches are all waterproof and located in protected areas

Ground Controls
  • Outrigger up/down controls
  • Convenient bubble level
  • Control station for all boom functions with proportional control
  • Engine and electric motor or battery start/stop
  • LED display for operation state and error
  • Proportional hydraulic distributor with single or simultaneous drive
  • Lockable, fully proportional wired remote control for track drive
  • Ability to lift the Jib while driving the tracks

Aerial Controls
  • Basket control station with fully proportional electro-hydraulic controls
  • Basket leveling control when the boom is in the cradle
  • Engine and electric motor or battery start/stop
  • 12 volt plug

Optional Features

  • Kubota Z482 Diesel (replaces Honda gas engine): $6,550
  • Lithium power batteries with electric motor: $7,550
  • 120v 20a Plug in electric motor: $1,950
  • Double 120v 20a electric plug in motor: $975
  • Set of 4 specialty outrigger pads: $972
  • Non-marking rubber tracks (instead of black tracks): $1,250/set
  • High pressure air/water outlet in the basket: $650
  • 120v 20a Electric plug in the baske: $750
  • One man fiberglass basket in lieu of standard basket: $900
  • Two man fiberglass basket in lieu of standard basket: $1,200
  • Enclosed trailer: $ask
  • Lightweight aluminum trailer: $ask
  • 12V Battery backup for booms: $980
  • Custom color: $1,980
  • Two custom colors: $2,480
  • Set of 4 cavity outrigger pads: $600
  • Additional fall arrest aerial lift harness and lanyard kit including storage bag: $69

Safety Features

  • Design and construction in compliance with all regulations
  • TUV and CSA certifications
  • Redundant safety systems
  • Lock valves on all cylinders
  • All safety switches waterproof
  • Anti-tilt mechanism to detect correct outrigger pressure
  • Emergency button on each control station
  • Weight limiting device

Last Review: 2018-12-22