U.S. Aerial Lift Market Overview

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ReachMaster FALCON-FS95 Aerial Lift

Reach master Falcon FS95 articulating aerial lift
ReachMaster FALCON-FS95
Lift Class
Working Height 95.0 ft
Side Reach 46.0 ft
Rotation 380°
Continuous Rotation No
Platform Capacity 440 lb
Platform Size 55x31 in
Controls Proportional
Jib Yes
Jib Length 20.0 ft
Jib Arc 200°
Jib Horz Arc
Stowed Travel Height 6.5 ft
Width 2.7 ft
Outrigger Footprint 15.1 ft
Tires max. pressure 116 psi
Max. Drive Height 6.0 ft
Power Source Battery, optional Hatz diesel
Weight 8,250 lb

Chassis Features

  • Self-propelled
  • 2WD, 3WD, or Tracks
  • Multi-positioning outriggers
  • Individual setting of outriggers
  • Set up on uneven surfaces
  • The Falcon FS95 can self-load on trucks or trailers
  • Adjustable wheel axle

Lift Features

  • Access through 2.6ft. Wide x 6.6ft. High door
  • Automatic safety and stability system
  • Full hydraulic 200° double jib arm 2x10ft
  • Self-propelled electro hydraulic drive system, operational from the basket
  • 110V chargeable battery
  • Proportional control of all functions via joysticks
  • Electronic supervision of the power system

Optional Features

    Chassis Options
    • Non-marking white rubber tires (single axle 3 pieces)
    • Floor protective rubber outrigger plates (4 pieces)

    Basket Options
    • 180° Basket Rotation
    • Small Basket
    • Medium Basket
    • Large Basket

    Power Options
    • Diesel engine (Hatz 9.7 kW with silent package)
    • Gas engine for unleaded regular gas (Honda 3.0 kW)
    • 110V AC direct powered electric motors
    • 4 extra batteries

    Other Options
    • Automatic outrigger set up
    • Chassis control from basket (wheel based version only)
    • 360° continuous turret rotation
    • Two wheel drive with hydraulic brake system (wheel based)
    • Three wheel drive with hydraulic brake system (wheel based)
    • Twin wheels (additional quick lock set of wheels)
    • Outrigger with flexible knee joint
    • Narrow outrigger setting (8.4ft)
    • 110V AC power supply in the basket
    • Inter communication system between turret and basket (Storno)
    • Air/ water supply in basket (one hose)
    • Air/ water supply in basket (two hoses)
    • Anemometer, wind warning system
    • Sensor System on Basket
    • Height control switch
    • Extra narrow outrigger setting (8ft5in)
    • Baskets in various sizes
    • Slope alarm
    • Drive from basket (optional in wheel based lifts)
    • Main boom raised max 6ft while driving

    Safety Features

    • Automatic, double safety and stability system
    • Manual pump system for lowering of the basket in case of emergency

    ReachMaster FALCON-FS95 Reach Diagram

    Reach diagram for the Reachmaster Falcon FS95 articulated telescopic aerial lift

    Last Review: 2016-01-17