U.S. Aerial Lift Market Overview

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Terex HR37 Overcenter Aerial Lift

Telex Hi-Ranger HR37 Overcenter Material Handling Aerial Device
Terex HR37
Lift Class OC Overcenter
Working Height 42.8 ft
Platform Height 37.8 ft
Side Reach 29.9 ft
Continuous Rotation Yes
Platform Capacity 350 lb
Platform Size 24x30x42 in
Lower Boom Articulation 102°
Upper Boom Articulation 200°
Jib No
Stowed Travel Height 10.9 ft

Chassis Features

  • Typical Frame Height 32 in
  • Typical Cab Height 78 in

Lift Features

  • Control-Plus 3D Single Stick Control at Platform
  • Rectangular, Bi-Axial Epoxy Resin, Filament WoundFiberglass Booms
  • Individual Lever Lower Controls
  • Mechanical Platform Leveling System
  • Two Speed Throttle Control at Upper Controls
  • Full Pressure, Open-Center Hydraulic System
  • 20 Gallon Hydraulic Oil Reservoir
  • Padded Boom Rests with Upper Boom Tie Down
  • Boom Interlock
  • Moving Outrigger Alarm
  • Truck Level Indicator

Optional Features

  • Various Platform Covers
  • Liners With Or Without Steps
  • Hydraulic Platform Rotator
  • 24" Platform Lifter
  • Hydraulic Platform Tilt

Jib Options
  • Hydraulic Jib Extension Systems
  • Hydraulic Articulating Jib/Winch,Side Mt. Or Underslung 1000 lbs.
  • Single Wire/46 Kv Insulated Single Line Lifter / Multi-Phase
  • Attachments
  • Lower Boom Lifting Eye
  • Automatic Boom Latch
  • Hydraulic Tool Outlets
  • Engine Stop/Start
  • Auxiliary Power
  • Auxiliary Let Down System
  • Demand Throttle
  • Boom Overstow Protection
  • Boom/Boom Stow Interlock
  • Boom Storage Warning Light
  • Outrigger Sag Light
  • Various Types of Outriggers
  • Truck Grounding Cable and Clamp
  • Hybrid Enable
  • HyPower™ Hybrid System by Terex®

Safety Features

  • Safety Harness With Attached Lanyard
  • Category C Rating Per ANSI A92.2

Last Review: 2015-12-30